An opportunity to serve the greater good.

Demetrios SalpoglouDemetrios began his studies at Northeastern University and graduated at American University in Washington D.C., acquiring a dual degree in Political Science and Environmental Science.

After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he returned to Boston, MA and focused on real estate. Demetrios has over 15 years of real estate experience in the Greater Boston Area, and is currently CEO of Boardwalk Properties, Nextgen Realty, Jacob Realty, Boston Snow Removal, We Clean Boston and Renovate Boston. He has grown and built all of these startup/early stage companies into successful thriving mature business platforms. In fact, Boardwalk Properties, Nextgen Realty and Jacob Realty cumulative rental transactions comprise the largest volume of apartment leasing deals in New England for the last seven consecutive years.

A real estate innovator with a special focus on building operational efficiencies among his real estate companies, Demetrios spends considerable time each day streamlining his real estate businesses. Demetrios uses innovative communication systems to keep his teams organized. Demetrios is constantly implementing and embracing new technologies which help mine the 10+ plus year data his systems have collected.

Demetrios Salpoglou also founded which provides cutting edge technology and informational services to both businesses and consumers. Demetrios approaches creating operational maximization with a mixture of both technological implementation and common sense training from an everyday layman’s term perspective. He realizes the importance of effective communication in the business world, and efficiently uses his ability to be both clear and concise, as well build confidence in and maintain lasting relationships with his clients. Natural leadership skills and a strong passion for teaching, have enabled Demetrios Salpoglou to not only work as a business consultant and motivational speaker, but also sit on various board of directors and provide strategic advice to many start-up companies and private equity business transactions.

Demetrios prides himself on maintaining and improving the overall integrity and image of the local Boston Real Estate Industry. Demetrios Salpoglou has developed a series of industry leading first technologies that have improved industry compliance and security measures for licensed MA real estate agents. Not satisfied with poor or non-existent real estate training programs for licensed real estate agents, he developed a 17 point professional course curriculum that provides core development in all aspects of being a leading real estate agent. Demetrios Salpoglou currently provides private corporate consulting assistance to real estate companies in MA. In his spare time, he volunteers to guest lecture at schools such as Northeastern University, Boston University and universities throughout MA. He also guest lectures at several real estate schools in Massachusetts on professional standards of real estate practice.

While adopting new technologies is important to him and the companies he helps support and grow, Demetrios also believes that nothing can replace the importance of the traditional in person meetings to get on the same page and solve problems or close tough business transactions. “Technology can be a liberator but can also be a huge time robber” says Demetrios, “You have to make sure you don’t lose a significant portion of your day behind a computer when you should be shaking hands and meeting with customers.” Demetrios prides himself on professionalism and time management skills and consider each business transaction an opportunity to serve the greater good. He treats buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, agents and friends with utmost respect and strives to provide the best possible service to all who may need it.