8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tarpon

Fishing enthusiasts often hope to land a tarpon; I was fortunate enough to do so on this fishing trip. I’d always heard amazing stories but now I can see for myself that tarpon are prize-fish for a reason! I had to strap in and fight with this beast for what felt like a lifetime.

Only after battling with the fish’s strength and acrobatics—tarpon are known for their ability to throw the hook free—that I was able to land this titan-sized Megalops. Luckily I had my buddies with me to help me hoist him out of the water and on deck. You never appreciate the awesome majesty of a monstrous fish like this until you (and a couple of your closest friends) see him in action!


8 Things You Might Not Know About Tarpon

  1. There are actually two species of tarpon: the Megalops atlanticus and the Megalops cyprinoides.
  2. The Atlantic tarpon can grow to up to 250 cm (98 in) and to a weight of 161kg (350 lbs).
  3. When water becomes drained of oxygen the tarpon can breathe air from the surface.
  4. Although they are rarely eaten tarpon are quite edible, but very bony.
  5. Despite the popularity of the fly fishing method, tarpon can be caught with most conventional fishing methods.
  6. Atlantic Tarpons are also known as the silver king.
  7. Though Atlantic Tarpons are usually found in the Atlantic Ocean typically in tropical and subtropical regions, they have been sighted as far north as Nova Scotia and southern France and as far south as Argentina.
  8. The tarpon is the official state saltwater fish of Alabama.