Boston Living Green Real Estate Tips

15 easy steps to greener apartment and home living in Boston

Being green doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult! Below are some simple tips to help you live in more planet-friendly ways:


1. Replace standard light bulbs with energy saving compact fluorescent bulbs.

2. Say no to JUNK MAIL. Save 100 Million Trees each year! Go to

3. Turn lights and all electronics off when not in use. Make it a habit!

4. Use non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable cleaning products, including all laundry products,

5. Use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic or paper bags.

6. Turn off water while shaving or brushing your teeth.

7. Don’t pre-rinse your dishes. Today’s dishwashers are more powerful than ever – just scrape your plate and save the water!

8. Take shorter showers and conserve water. Resist the urge to sit idle in the shower.

9. Recycle all paper, plastic, glass and aluminum. When you go out for coffee, bring a reusable insulated mug.

10. Wash clothes in cold water as much as possible, make sure only to do full loads.

11. Pay your bills online and remove your name from junk-mail lists to reduce paper waste.The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse has more information regarding how to remove yourself from these lists.

12. Buy organic and locally produced items. This will cut down on pesticides and reduce carbon footprint of extended transportation.

13. Buy a high-efficiency car if possible

14. Turn down your thermostat by two degrees in the winter (and up two degrees in the summer). 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide will be saved on average!

15. Unplug the “energy robbers” in your home: Nearly all electronic equipment is designed to consume energy when it is turned off yet still plugged in to a socket.